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Business transactions and disputes between two international entities can be difficult to navigate, especially where there are two governing bodies of law. Whether you reside in China or the United States, we can help you understand what documentation should be in place before initiating international business relationships and what, if any, adjustments can be made to agreements down the road based upon either parties’ performance.

Steve Sumsion, the managing partner, is fluent in Mandarin and has lived and worked in Asia for several years. He has given presentations throughout China on dispute resolution strategies, US import strategies, and essential contract terms for cross-border business agreements. We have helped clients invest in foreign entities, negotiate and complete cross-border transactions, and navigate the difficulties of overseas litigation. We have represented multiple Chinese companies in US federal court. 

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We can help you with:

We can help you avoid unnecessary disputes by drafting comprehensive, protective documentation of your business contracts and agreements. With our international firm contacts, we can help ensure that you and your international partners understand the legal implications of the agreements.


At Sumsion Business Law, we understand that you would rather prevent legal actions than pursue them. In cases where litigation is necessary, however, we will act as active liaisons and represent your interests in a professional, efficient manner. We can help guide Chinese companies through the US court system.

Proper negotiation can help you avoid headaches and disputes later on in the life of a business process. Let us help you understand and communicate with the other party to maximize your interests.


Sumsion Business Law provides legal services for those dealing with foreign investments. We help ensure that all money transfers follow legal paths by conforming to all capital flow regulations and restrictions. Our legal guidance offers solutions for obtaining foreign investments in legal and appropriate ways which satisfy both Chinese and American regulations.


Visa Application Form Immigration ConceptFor those looking to invest in EB-5 projects, we offer comprehensive legal support throughout the EB-5 immigration process. Sumsion Business Law can assist with all the required legal agreements, documentation, and petitions to ensure the investor has complied with the laws and regulations.

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