Estate Planning LawyersWe understand that business interests are often intimately connected with the interests of families and individuals. We provide you with personalized estate plans designed to effectively address any and all federal and state law requirements. Proper estate planning will not only allow you greater control of your business, property and finances during your lifetime, but will also save significant time, money, and heartache for the loved ones you leave behind. Our top priority in every estate plan is to minimize the taxable income and maximize individual control and flexibility.

At Sumsion Business Law, our comprehensive approach to estate planning includes asset protection strategies for your personal and business property, planning for future financial and medical decisions, living wills, convenient access to medical information and records in case of emergency, planning for and providing guardians for minor children, and minimizing taxes owed on the assets within your estate. This comprehensive estate plan will give you the peace of mind in knowing that you have provided for yourself and your family for whatever the future may hold.

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We can help you with:

Trust and Formation Review LegalTrust Formation and Review

Trusts are useful tools to hold items in your name and distribute them when you pass on while avoiding probate. If you need to create, amend, or update a trust, we have the expertise to provide assistance.

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Drafting and Ammending a Will Drafting, Reviewing, and/or Amending a Will

Whether you need a brand new will or have an old will that needs to be updated, Sumsion Business Law can provide the expertise and support you need to ensure your will is exactly as you want it.

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Living Wills LawyersLiving Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney

Our team of attorneys at Sumsion Business Law can help you navigate through the complexities of living wills and powers of attorney. You deserve to choose who will act on their behalf if you, your spouse, or your child has an accident or becomes ill.

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Guardianship Legal HelpGuardianship Issues and Providing for Minor Children

Parents deserve the peace of mind in knowing where their children will go and who will provide for them in case of tragedy. At Sumsion Business Law, we can provide you with the guidance to avoid and work through any family disputes that surround guardianship issues.

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Asset and Tax Protection Legal ServicesAsset Protection and Tax Matters

You have worked hard to get where you are today, so don’t let someone take that away. Whether it be over a lawsuit or issues with the IRS, we can help limit your liability and keep your hard-earned money.

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Unlike other law firms, we provide estate planning documents for a flat fee, and we offer seasonal discounts. We can have these documents prepared in as little as one business day. Click to find out more about these special packages!

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