Cultivating a Good Work Enviroment

November 9, 2022
Carl Stengel


It is a commonly known fact that the average individual will spend approximately one third or more of their entire life at work. Not only that, but work, in its very nature, tends to be stressful and strenuous and thus not a very enjoyable activity. It is therefore undeniable that being in an uplifting and positive work environment is essential for the success of both employees and businesses if productivity and efficiency in the workplace is to flourish.  

Encouraging and fostering a work environment that is fun and that inspires employees to take joy in their work can reap enormous benefits. When employees are happier, they are more loyal to the company they work for, and loyal employees can accomplish amazing things. People who are happy while they work are likely to be much more productive and make fewer mistakes. When a positive workplace is created and promoted by employers, employees feel like they are part of a team and are motivated to work together to accomplish the goals of the company.  


Eliminating stress and negativity leads to a boost in the productivity of employees. In an encouraging work environment, employees always have a positive attitude where they are open to challenges and learning. The best kind of work environment is one focused on helping its employees grow and get comfortable with doing things outside their comfort zone. Employers would do well to focus on how they can positively push their employees to improve each day at work. Having a work environment where employees feel they are constantly improving gives them the confidence to take on their work with greater effort.  

Perhaps one of the most important aspects employers can focus on to cultivate a better work environment is the way they deal with employees who make mistakes. Choosing to humiliate, yell at, or harshly reprimand someone for messing up does nothing to help business productivity improve or help an employee grow. If correction is necessary, employers should instead take the time to help the employee understand where improvements need to be made and act as a mentor. An employee who is encouraged to improve and given the tools to do so will become a much more effective worker than an employee who is yelled at and told to go back to work.  

To win in the marketplace, you must first win the workplace” - Doug Conant

When it comes down to it, whether a work environment will be positive or negative is ultimately determined by the employer. If you own or run a business in any capacity, it is critical to understand that you must lead with kindness and set an example for how you want your business environment to be. Doing so is simple, visit your staff and chat with them, let them know you appreciate the work they are doing, take an appropriate interest in their personal lives and show them you care, plan office social events to celebrate important days. These are just a few small things that can be done to create big changes in the overall workplace environment.  

If you want to go above and beyond as an employer there is something else you can do to ensure employees feel they are valued, which goes a long way. If you’re the boss and are trying to figure out how to solve a complicated problem, ask any one of your employees how they would solve it. This means ANY one of your employees, you may be surprised to even find that the custodian for your building has a perspective you haven’t thought of before. Doing this shows your employees that you believe their input is valuable, which consequently gives them a greater sense of confidence in their work, leading to better results.  


If you own a business or are an employer, focus on creating the kind of work environment that you yourself would want to be an employee of. Remember that creating a positive environment where employees feel valued will do the most to improve the efficiency and productivity of your company than any other practice will.  

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