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Sumsion Business Law

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We save our clients
thousands of dollars with our
unique billing structure.


We are results oriented.
$100+ million recovered and
$100 million defended.


With 1,000+ cases and 30+
years of combined experience,
we know our stuff.


We are one of the highest
recommended firms with
over 60+ 5 stars reviews.

How can we help you?

Business Litigation
Icon of a Gavel
Business Transactions
China Business Law
Construction Law


We are highly experienced, thoughtful in our role as advocates, and committed to being responsive to our client's needs and demands.
Estate Planning
Intellectual Property
Mediation/Dispute Resolution
Cyber Security Law
Protect your ideas

Patents, Copyrights, & Trademarks

Protect your ideas, inventions, and more with professional legal work.
Shield your products, designs, and inventions.
Protect your written work and ideas.
Your logo and mark are worth safeguarding.

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