Employee Burnout in 2022

November 11, 2022
Tate Wilson

With well over two thirds of the US population reporting experiencing some form of employee burnout in 2022, it is likely that either you or someone you work with has faced this rising challenge. Up to 75% of workers in some parts of the United States reported burnout symptoms and only half reported the implementation of any systems that their employers have put in place to stave off burnout. In the economy of the United States alone, approximately $500 billion dollars are lost each year through workplace inefficiencies stemming from job-related stresses.

Demographic trends show that employee burnout is on a positive trajectory as each younger generation in turn has reported a higher overall percentage of burnout than the previous. Employers can no longer turn a blind eye to the mental health of their employees; organizations that report high levels of employee burnout have also noticed flagging workplace energy, increased employee negativity concerning their work or workplace responsibilities, and a significant downturn in professionalism and efficiency. Both employers and employees are negatively affected by burnout. So how can it be stopped?

A Gallup report attributed the rise of worker burnout to five main causes:

     1. Unfair treatment in the workplace

     2. Workloads that are unmanageable or unrealistic

     3. Lack of clarity regarding job expectations

     4. Poor communication and support from the management team

     5. Unreasonable deadlines

Addressing burnout directly means that employers and employees need to collaborate and create solutions that target these five areas. Some potential changes include creating flexible working hours, encouraging time off or mental health days, planning for leadership to take an active role in assisting employees with their workload, and creating a workplace that facilitates employee connections and bonds.

Worker burnout is a big problem to handle in the modern workplace, and it will require a united effort to overcome. Employers need to make substantial workplace reforms and show that they value their employees if they want to increase work efficiency and retain skilled workers.

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