Clear and Concrete Estate Plans

March 31, 2015
Chase Olsen

In a recent issue of People magazine, we read of a "legal battle" revolving around the estate of the deceased comedian and actor Robin Williams. Within six months of Williams' death, his widow and children began to argue over his personal possessions, including his homes, valuable collections, and entertainment awards.We are seeing this type of bickering and similar court battles more and more in the news across the United States, which is something no family in mourning should have to experience. Many ask the question: how can these situations be avoided?

Here are a few elements of quality estate planning that we offer at Sumsion Business Law to allow for grieving without the added insult of infighting:

Specificity of Language

When we draft an estate plan, our attorneys are very specific in the language used by each individual document. In Robin Williams' case, one of the main points of dispute is over a difference of opinion in the wording of his estate plan. Legal documents can be difficult to understand, but by working with our experienced attorneys, your estate plan will be clear and concise to avoid misunderstanding and post-mortem contest.

In-Depth Research Into Your Wishes

Creating an estate plan is a very personal process that deserves great attention. Your estate plan should leave you feeling completely confident that your wishes will be carried out in your absence. The only way this is possible is through developing a close-knit relationship with the attorneys that will be drafting your plan. Some people believe the best way to write their will or trust is through a template found on the internet, but this simply is not the truth. By working with our estate planning experts, your interests and wishes will be addressed step by step in an organized and thorough manner.

Independent and Unbiased Perspective

While your estate plan is being drafted, you deserve to feel free to handle your affairs exactly as you wish. We consider your interests as a third party, providing you with the expertise to have a valid estate plan. An unbiased view of how your estate should be organized and protected is what all individuals should seek when drafting their estate plan.Whether you are 20 or 50 years old, now is the time to create your personalized estate plan. Preparing your estate plan is most useful when done while healthy, rather than when incapacitation and injury have touched your life. Choose today to prepare for whatever the future may bring. Call for a free consultation and estate plan assessment.


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