Stock and Asset Purchasing Business Transactions

February 12, 2021
Eric Vorkink

It’s common to feel uncertainty and fear when it comes to selling and purchasing stocks or assets. There’s nothing worse than the nervousness of getting the short end of the stick due to some ambiguous fine print. What can you do to avoid it? The answer is a Stock-Purchase Agreement or an Asset-Purchase Agreement. Hiring a third-party law firm like Sumsion Business Law LLC can guarantee the integrity of your business transaction.

Ensuring fairness and transparency is of upmost importance in these cases. We help our clients secure their interests during the process of negotiations and can help explain the critical details of these agreements. Honest business dealings can assure that you sell or acquire what you want, at the decided price.

What is an Asset Purchase Agreement?

Asset-Purchase Agreements (APA’s) are official agreements that define terms and conditions between buyers and sellers. APA’s are used with transactions that deal with buying and selling any type of assets. Often, APA’s are used when a company’s facilities, vehicles, equipment, or stock is being acquired.

What is a Stock-Purchase Agreement?

Stock-Purchase Agreements (SPA’s) deal with stock-only acquisitions. When purchasing exclusively another company’s stock, these Agreements are more optimal. There are other differences in the legal process of both agreements, which we explain individually in more case-specific detail with each of our clients.

We always help our clients on a case-by-case basis, whether it be an Asset-Purchase Agreement (APA) or a Stock-Purchase Agreement (SPA). We offer diligent research for every client regarding assets, liabilities, and financial history. Experience is extremely important; we can help our clients navigate through these acquisitions.

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