Be the Entrepreneur That Gives Back

October 31, 2016
Chase Olsen

Utah residents are serious about giving. We have been rated the most charitable state in America in both donations given and service rendered per capita. Several Utah businesses have successfully built their brands around charitable social causes. So we wanted to highlight two social entrepreneurs in the valley that have made generous and thoughtful giving a key part of their business.

Stay Wear

Stay Wear Clothing a brand born at BYU, is both a suicide prevention and an anti-bullying campaign in clothing form. Their savvy social entrepreneurship has earned them a loyal millennial fan-base. They have more Instagram followers than Utah Valley's famous Sodalicious, and their products are sold in several states.

— STAY WEAR (@StayWear) October 7, 2016

Customer loyalty is key to Stay Wear's success. When a Stay Wear customer makes a purchase, 10% of the company's profits go to suicide prevention. But the customer's contribution doesn't stop there. From that point forward, whenever they sport a Stay Wear product, they are a walking suicide prevention advocate. Each #staywear on social media promotes online kindness and civility. Customers feel a special connection to the product because their contribution to the cause is more than financial.

Malawi's Pizza

Another successful example of social entrepreneurship in Utah is Malawi's Pizza. For each pizza sold, they donate funds to provide a meal for a child in Malawi, Africa. Blake Roney, president and chair of NuSkin teamed up with Kent Andersen, a classically trained executive chef to create a delicious menu that serves families across Utah Valley and across the Atlantic.

Best of State looks good on the Malawi Capri don't you think?

[The above link is a photo posted by Malawi's Pizza (@malawispizza) on May 20, 2016 at 9:04am PDT]

After only 6 years of being in business, Malawi's pizza has contributed over 750,000 nutritious meals to children in need.

91% of Americans want more opportunities to purchase products and services that contribute to charitable and social causes. And Utahns are no exception. Perhaps your company can be the one to provide them that opportunity. There are several ways to incorporate charity into your business model. Many other Utah businesses not featured here have made tremendous charitable contributions to people in need. Follow their lead. It will be good for your community, and good for your bottom line.

To integrate charitable and social contributions to your business model, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What causes/charities are important to me?
  2. What causes/charities do my customers want to see supported?
  3. How can my company's unique mission and infrastructure be leveraged or pivoted to benefit causes/charities in my community? You may be surprised how quickly and efficiently you can mobilize your company's resources to make a lasting contribution.

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