What a Transactional Attorney Can Do for You

May 17, 2022
Benson Pixton

Whether you are just starting your adult life or settling into it, you need a plan to make it the best slice of life it can become. Litigating attorneys specialize in resolving conflict when things go awry; transactional attorneys lead individuals into a safe and secure future. It is valuable to understand how a transactional attorney can guide you through these circumstances.

Here are a few services that a transactional attorney can do for you:

Entity Formation

From providing personal protection from liability to addressing the complexities of tax law, forming an entity can address a wide range of issues and provide a large span of opportunity. A domestic limited liability company is one of the most common entities. A transactional attorney can help an individual to form a limited liability company (LLC) and explain what specific liability advantages you can achieve through this type of entity.


A transactional attorney can fulfill any contractual need. Whether that be internal agreements and bylaws or an external service agreement, a transactional team is the one to get it done. Intellectual property is protected by nondisclosure agreements and private policy agreements. If your business is getting ready for a merger or acquisition, a transactional attorney can provide the comfort you need to know that all things are handled how you want.

Estate Planning

Just as contracts are formed to secure the future standing of participating parties, estate plans are created to secure a smooth and fair transfer of assets. A transfer of assets will take place if the owner of an asset dies or becomes incapacitated. A transactional attorney can help you set up an estate plan that will simplify the transfer of assets and mitigate losses that would have been incurred due to tax law and other applicable restrictions. Individuals work hard all their life to attain their assets and you are no exception. Don’t let time pass without protecting those assets and your intended beneficiaries.  

Closing Thoughts

Entity formation, contract drafting, and estate planning are indispensable tools for your current and future affairs. If you have seldom investigated these three services, talk about them with a co-worker, friend, or mentor. If you want to know more about this topic or would like to implement one of these services, contact us at Sumsion Business Law. An attorney will answer your questions and further walk you through the complexities of whichever area of transactional law you and your business require.

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