Real Property Law Services in UtahSumsion Business Law provides a full range of real property transaction and litigation services to both commercial clients and individuals.  We have experience and solutions for owners, landlords, renters, sellers, and buyers.

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We can help you with:

Utah Lien Legal Help and SupportLiens

Whether someone is collecting money against your property or you are trying to collect money on the property of another, Sumsion Business Law has the experience and the skills to protect and assist you.

Utah Lease NegotionationsLease Negotiations and Contract Drafting

As a homeowner it can be difficult to understand a lease and know whether to sign or not sign.  You deserve to sign a lease that meets your own terms, and we offer the skills to draft a contract that fits your needs.  If you are a landlord, we can help you protect your land interests through a properly drafted contract.

Utah Landlord and Tenant DisputesLandlord-Tenant Disputes

The disputes that can exist between landlord and tenants make it challenging to know how to move forward.  Whether a landlord has neglected maintenance of property or a tenant refuses to pay for major damages, we can help you resolve these and other disputes as smoothly as possible from mediation to litigation.

Utah Real Property AcquisitionsReal Property Acquisitions

If you are attempting to acquire real property and need assistance, Sumsion Business Law can help.  Our team of experienced attorneys can help review any loan documents and verify a clean title and transfer.

Brokerage and Commission Disputes in UtahBrokerage Commission Disputes

Agents and clients in brokerage commission disputes deserve to be represented by a team of competent and experienced attorneys.  At Sumsion Business Law we can help you resolve such disputes, including an agent asking for more than agreed on or a client that will not pay a fair commission.

Utah Boundary and Zoning Disputes and LawsBoundary and Zoning Disputes

Sumsion Business Law has extensive experience helping clients resolve boundary and zoning disputes.  From a neighbor’s fence to city zoning problems, we can provide the expertise you need for these types of disputes and more.

Utah Debt Restructuring HelpDebt Restructuring and Loan Workouts

If you have late mortgage payment issues or are upside down on your house, our team of experienced attorneys can help restructure your debt, and in the process give you greater peace of mind.

Utah Easement Legal HelpEasements

Knowing whether to create, enforce, withdraw or terminate an easement can be a complex issue.  At Sumsion Business Law we will work by your side, providing guidance to help you make the best decisions possible regarding your easement.

Foreclosures in Utah Legal HelpForeclosures

Are you losing your home or being threatened by creditors to take it away?  Has a bank started foreclosure proceedings?  If you are in any of these situations, our team of experienced attorneys can help.

Utah Project Finance LegalProject Finance

Project finance, including mortgages, sale-leasebacks, and non-traditional financing resources, requires expertise in order to make the best decisions.  Here at Sumsion Business Law we can help you assess the best financing options for your individual project.